50 years of the Olympic Games in Munich

Temporary exhibition 30.06. – 04.12.2022

Gold, silver and bronze – for many, the connection with metals and medals is certainly trivial, but not a lot of people know about the origin and history of the formation of these raw materials. Moreover, they are essential for the equipment. Raw materials are important for the production of sports equipment and are therefore of great importance for materials science research and development.

In the Museum Mineralogia Munich, we will therefore present the minerals from which these raw materials are extracted. A direct connection will be shown between the mineral and the product. We will show which countries these minerals and raw materials come from and how they are mined. It is also an important aspect to show the visitors the possibilities of recycling and how complex it is to extract these raw materials.

The second aspect of the temporary exhibition is to present the technological development of sports equipment. This has undergone significant changes over the past 50 years. It is especially this difference that will be shown and compared in the temporary exhibition at the Museum Mineralogia Munich. This will be exhibited with original sports equipment from 1972 in comparison to 2022.

The temporary exhibition is brought to life through short interviews with the participants of 1972. Here, the focus is on the sports equipment and the relation to the medals. An interactive program for children and adults on the lawn in front of the Museum Mineralogia Munich on various topics is also intended to inspire enthusiasm for sport.

Cooperation partner on the topic of sports equipment and design is the Pinakothek der Moderne (Design). In addition, an interactive children’s and youth program is being planned with the project partner “Lernen mit Kick am Olympiapark” (“Learning with a kick at the Olympiapark”). We will also reach out to Olympic medalists from 1972 and the Olympic Museum in Cologne.

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