Guided Tours for School Classes

We offer guided tours for school classes, as well as for children’s birthday parties!

Teaching units or activities accompanying lessons that the Museum Mineralogia Munich and the Institute of Crystallography and Applied Mineralogy or the Institute of Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry can offer are particularly suitable for W and P seminars.

Guided tours of the current temporary exhibition

Meteorites: When rocks fall from the sky
Keywords: Meteorites, Asteroids, Moon, Mars, Formation of the solar system

Silver, gold and gemstones
Keywords: Precious metals, gemstones, their occurrence, their use

What’s in my smartphone?
Keywords: Raw materials, sustainability, conflict minerals, technology

Gemstones – real and false
Keywords: Gemstones, jewelry stones, synthesis, crystal breeding, laser crystals, authenticity testing, diamond synthesis

Volcanism, what is that?
Keywords: Volcanic rocks, minerals, obsidian

From quartz to hyperpure silicon
Keywords: Quartz, silicon, crystal growth, single crystals, computer chips

Limestone and the cycle of calcium and carbon dioxide
Keywords: Lime, limestone, karst, carbon dioxide, greenhouse effect, evolution of our atmosphere, cycle of rocks, hard water

Other geological and mineralogical guided tour topics on request

All events can be adapted in level to the corresponding grades (after consultation with the teacher). Individual offerings can also be combined.
Laboratory tour maximum 20 participants
Booking as early as possible, at least two weeks before the desired date.

Please book via phone or e-mail!

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