Further Tips and Links

Other Geoscience Museums and Excursion Destinations

There are a variety of other museums and destinations with a geoscientific focus in our region. 

Salt Mine Berchtesgaden

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine is a large visitor mine, where salt is extracted in a mainly wet mining process. There are numerous salts from Berchtesgaden to see in our display cases. 

Bavarian Forest Granite Center

The Bavarian Forest Granite Center in Hauzenberg near Passau shows a museum that was built into an old granite quarry. The special architecture of the building is at least as impressive as the diverse multimedia exhibits. 


Exciting nature trails are created by Geotrip. Many stones from Geotrip were to be admired in the past temporary exhibition Metamorphosis. 


Bavarian Natural History Collections 

In addition to our Mineralogical State Collection, there are other Bavarian Natural History Collections with museums in Bavaria. These include, for example, the Rieskrater Museum in Nördlingen, the Geological and Paleontological Museum in Munich and the Jura Museum in Eichstäten. 

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Geoscience research is conducted in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and there are several geoscience degrees.

German Mineralogical Society

The German Mineralogical Society is a professional association for mineralogists. Here there are several workgroups dealing with Mineralogical Museums and collections of the German Mineralogical Society and raw material research. In the workgroup for schools and universities there are Mineralogical Teaching Kits, which are intended to make it easier for teachers to offer teaching units with a geoscientific focus in the classroom. Teachers can borrow the Mineralogical Teaching Kit (Mileko) from the Museum. It can also be seen in the display cases. 

Kunstareal Munich

The Kunstareal Munich connects the many museums and universities in the center of Munich. Various events are organized that connect the Art Area and thus show how large and diverse this cultural location in Munich is. It is worth a look at the website and a visit to the nearby art and culture museums. 


Munich Mineral Friends e.V.

The Munich Mineral Friends e.V.also support the Mineralogical Museum. In a special showcase at our museum they show changing themes with beautiful minerals.