March 2024 – Magnesite

In March 2024, magnesite holds the title of Mineral of the Month. Magnesite belongs to the group of carbonates and is predominantly formed hydrothermally. This means that magnesite precipitates from hot fluids. Due to the high temperature resistance of magnesite (up to around 3000°C), it is an important raw material for the production of refractory bricks, which are used to furnaces. China is the largest producer of magnesite with 20 million tons (2020). A special shape of magnesite is the so-called pinolite. A mixture of magnesite, dolomite and graphite. The white magnesite grains are reminiscent of pine nuts, hence the name pinolite. This is particularly well known from the Hohe Tauern in Austria.



Locality: Hohen Tauern, Austria

Size: 14x18x22 cm (HxLxW)

Weight: 2800 g